Top 10 Best Bongs for Christmas 2020

Top 10 Best Bongs for Christmas 2020

Tis the season for a new bong!

We at Bongs Canada are excited for Christmas 2020 to start rolling around! It’s been a really rough year for a lot of us due to COVID-19 restrictions and it looks as if Canada is really starting to lockdown more with the onset of more Coronavirus related cases.

But with all that bad news aside, we are still here to serve you in a full capacity as Canada’s leading bong shop. With the holidays coming around, and people staying in because of loss of work or just general health well being – we understand it may be hard this Christmas to get your loved ones everything they want.

We have put together a list of great cheap bongs that anyone can afford this holiday season, these are a selection from our best selling cool bongs, tree bongs and even some Christmas-style bongs that we have had kicking around.

  • Mint Glass

    Diamonds Baby

    A girls best friend. Shine bright with this diamond base bong. The Mint logo is embossed into this beauty because diamonds don’t crack under pressure.
  • Hoss Glass

    Hoss H072 (Black)

    38mm Diameter Colored Straight Tube. This  straight tube is simple and elegant with a smaller upper tube diameter.  This gives it a slightly different aesthetic from our H065 Colored Straight Tube, and requires less inhalation to clear the piece of smoke.  This design sports a colored Hoss Glass logo with platinum outline.
  • Hoss Glass

    Hoss H085

    Pyramid Beaker with Colored Top.  This beaker is the smaller version of our original pyramid beaker.  It has been designed to function like a traditional beaker with a removable downstem, except it has a unique square bottom.  This piece is simply beautiful and  comes in several colors.